Comprehensive local training program and a dedicated training facility

Trane trains the HVAC Industry


As of January 14th 2021, we will continue with Live Webinar and On-Demand training options only. Given the current COVID-19 rates in the Hillsborough area, and an abundance of caution to keep our customers, business partners and employees healthy and safe we have put all In-Person Training at our location on hold until March 2021.


Trane is recognized as a leader in providing training resources for our customers and employees.  Tampa Bay Trane offers a comprehensive local training program and a dedicated training facility with an 80-seat capacity. Our classes are taught by our top service technicians and engineers who have had personal experience in the field, using the tools and skills we teach our students.

Download a copy of our Training Booklet for 2020-2021


*Announcement: Our Tracer Ensemble Operations Summary Course has been rescheduled for April 6th, 2021 from 6pm to 9pm.*

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The two instructors were very knowledgeable and informative. I was impressed and really appreciate the opportunity my company afforded me to attend.

Arthur CoxQuad Graphics

What I liked best about the training course was the knowledge and experience of the instructors.

George MillerHillsborough Community College

The broad range of Variable Air Volume operation covered, easy enough for a person with no experience to understand.

Dan LopezLincoln Harris

I really appreciate the time and knowledge shared from [the instructors] at Trane. Thanks.

Erih RiloBaycare