Our Customer Comes First!

Our customer is the most important person in our business. Our customer is the reason we exist. Our job is to meet his needs by using the resources within our firm.

Our Associates

Our associates are our most important resource. They provide the sole source for our ability to meet our customer’s needs. We have set high standards for job qualification and job performance.


Our job is to provide quality Trane air conditioning systems at a competitive price to our customers while earning a fair profit for our company. Tampa Bay Trane is a system of companies in which Trane products are a major ingredient. Our ongoing job is to insure that customer satisfaction with Tampa Bay Trane is of the highest level throughout the life of the system.

We Are Problem Solvers

We perform our jobs as positive and creative problem solvers. We are part of the solution.

We Sell Value

Quality and low cost are seldom compatible. We choose to sell value.

We Are In It For The Long Haul

We will not let an isolated occurrence alter our plan to build a lasting relationship.

We Are Leaders

We tell it like it is. We are highly principled and there can be no compromise with integrity and honesty both on and off the job and within our organization itself.

The Environment

We will insure we conduct our own activities in these areas with the intent of meeting and exceeding government regulations and demonstrating sound engineering practices and good common sense where regulations do not exist.

We Focus On Energy

We believe strongly that energy costs will remain a long term issue, and that is incumbent upon our organization to present the full spectrum of option to our client. This insures that their project is successful both in the near term when first costs are the prime concern, and also in the long term when equipment longevity utility and maintenance costs become matters of chief importance.


We Make You Feel Good Inside


Building Relationships, Using Our Knowledge….. Delivering Results


As an Organization, Tampa Bay Trane has Established a Detailed Set of Values to guide us in the conduct of Our Daily Business and Personal Lives. It is our hope that through Hard Work and Determination, each Member of Our organization will be able to live up to the demanding standards we have set of ourselves



Acting Honestly with Fairness and Respect, always do the right thing.


Always give your Best.


Putting Customers’ Need First and Providing Value.


Having a Positive Attitude and being Open and Honest.


Empower All Associates to act us “One” Company.