Leadership Striving for Premier Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Delivering Business Plan Results.

Mike Rolfes

Area General Manager

New Systems Solutions

Michael Leach, P.E.

NSS Sales Manager

New System Solutions Trane Equipment, Trane Controls, and HVAC Systems Knowledge


Michael Anthony

Controls Solutions Manager Digital Control Systems

Building Automation Systems Design, Installation, Programming, Start-Up and Commissioning

Finance & Personnel

John Hodson

Chief Financial Officer

Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Receivable Services

Human Resources

Saila Bradl

Human Resources Manager

Hiring and Developing Outstanding People

Information Technology

Mike Mendelson

IT Manager

Information Technology Database Administrator

Connected Controls

Brice Rich

Connected Controls Manager

Building Optimization and Energy Reduction through Data Analysis

Core Contracting

Scott Felladore

Core Contracting Manager

Self-Performed Install, Turnkey Retrofit & Replacement


Jim Crum

Contracting Manager

Turnkey Retrofit Pact Energy and Comfort Solutions Comprehensive Energy Analysis and Auditing

Sales Team Leader

Stephen Koontz

Vice President and Energy Services Sales Leader

Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Financing and Energy Services Contracting