Energy efficient equipment and performance for all systems

New System Solutions engineers and support personnel  available to help plan, design, and install your HVAC system


Equipment is an important aspect in the construction process and we can help owners, designers and contractors better understand the complex options available to them for buildings. This complexity has been driven by the rising cost of energy, increasing urbanization, the importance of sustainability, and making sure buildings are cost effective while maximizing comfort.

Series S Chiller
RTAE Chiller
CGAM Chiller
Performance Climate Chiller
Water Source Heat Pump
Variable Refrigerant Flow
Calmac ICE Systems
Symbio Controls

Wide-Ranging Support

Supporting the sale, service, and operation of Trane Equipment and Controls is our primary focus, but to serve the many and varied needs of our customers we handle other lines of equipment that fill unique areas of need across the wide range of potential applications. These product lines complement Trane Equipment and Controls and provide owners and engineers with the best solutions for their challenging opportunities.


Manage Your Systems From Mobile Device

Tracer SC+ now integrates with Trane / Mitsubishi Electric VRF providing efficiency, flexibility, and expertise to engineers, contractors, and building owners. Contact us today to integrate Tracer SC+ in your building’s system.