Wireless controls and mobile access solutions for building automation systems (BAS)

We Know Intelligent Building Automation and Controls


Tampa Bay Trane is committed to optimizing facility assets for life. For over 40 years we have been providing comprehensive building automation and control systems for buildings of all applications. Our open and flexible platforms allow us seamless integration and scalability with other systems. HVAC, lighting and energy management are combined into a single, easy to use platform. When added to our Connected Building platform, we create efficient, high performance buildings.


Tracer Ensemble
Building Management System
Tracer SC+
Trane Air Fi Wireless
Cloud Based
Cyber Security
Systems Integrations
Secure Remote Access
Work Order Management
Scheduling Services
Web Based

Power and Flexibility

From our industry-leading building automation systems to equipment controls and sensors, Tampa Bay Trane offers a complete portfolio of products. Our controls are web-based, flexible and scalable, mobile, easy to use and to install which gives you the power and flexibility to manage your buildings more efficiently, reducing cost, and providing a better indoor environment and smaller environmental footprint.


Comfort and Efficiency

Building automation can improve performance and efficiency and helps maintain occupant comfort for your facility. Our controls provide affordable systems that offer energy savings and a connected solution that helps everyone collaborate easier and work more productively.